Easy-Floats are designed by an experienced crab fisherman. Simply attach the rope to the strong tie point. The floats unique shape indicate rope direction for the user and passing vessels. Easy-Floats right themselves in the water making ID marks easy to see. The floats stow well and don’t roll around in the boat. Easy-Floats are made from a recyclable material ( no styrene ) which help to protect and conserve our precious estuaries and waterways.

High Visibility Float with Flag
Light and Easy to Tow
Perfect for Scuba or Snorkelling.
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Only:  $24.95

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Standard Crab Float
200 mm length (Perfect for Flat Water Work)
Sturdy Tie Points for Easy Clip On.
Box Price $45.00
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Deluxe: 275mm length
Perfect for close shore work
Visually equivalent to 3 x 4” round floats
Box Price $60.00

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Jumbo: 340mm length
Perfect for Ocean Use.
Box Price  $75.00

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The Easy-Floats Design Benefits:
– Specially designed tie point, withstands up to 40kg pull weight.
– Easy to attach the rope.
– Easy to loop rope through the lug, or simply use a clip.
– Shows rope direction clearly in the water.
Easy-floats right themselves in the water.
– Good float visibility to users and passing vessels.
– ID marks are easy to read.
– Apply ID marks with a hot wire or soldering iron.
– Floats stow easily in the boat.
– The unique shape prevents the float rolling around in the boat.
– Floats stand upright with ease in a small tub or crate.
– Floats will stand upright in the water, if the rope is short or tangled.
– Easy-Floats don’t break, chip or dent on impact.
– Recyclable material. Durable Polyethalene. No Polystyrene.
– The material has resistance to algae growth.
– Eco-friendly for our waterways.
Designed and proudly Australian made by Rebel Ventures.
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Easy-Floats Are Proudly Made in Australia by Rebel Ventures.