George Pieri Easy-Floats

George’s Easy-Floats Story, in his own words:

I’ve fished professionally and I’ve been involved in the design and manufacture of fishing products since 1991. My idea for Easy-Floats came about when I was crabbing in Mandurah Estuary with my brother and noticed that people were fishing with milk and oil containers, which broke and sunk to the bottom of the ocean as rubbish. People use balloons with glow sticks inside and when the balloons burst, the glow sticks sink and the balloon debris pollutes the ocean. I wanted to do something to change this, to rid our waterways of plastics and protect our prized crustacean habitats.

So I set about designing a float specifically for crab pot fishing, which is easy to use and eco-friendly, unlike expensive styrene floats. Styrene floats are hard to tie to, chip easily, and they are hard to see in the water and also roll around in the boat.

I’ve crafted the tie point and shaped the Easy-Float for crab fishing. Rope direction and ID marks are easy to see in the water due to its’ unique shape and it is made of lightweight durable materials. Designing and making floats is now a passion of mine. I’ve evolved the design. I eat, talk and sleep floats! I design and proudly manufacture the Easy-Float in Australia.

I’ve been fishing for 50 years since I was a kid. We were raised on our parents’ boat and raised to fish. My Dad would dink me on his bike down to the wharf to catch all sorts of species of edible fish to feed our family of nine. We’d hang the buckets on the handle bars to take home and mum would cook up a feast. We lived in Hampton Road in Fremantle and I used to ride my bike with six drop nets to Fisherman’s Harbour and then ride my bike back home with the drop nets and crabs, so I know a bit about fishing! It’s been in my blood all my life.

My customers are recreational fishing enthusiasts from kids to grandparents, and I’ve had great support and feedback from the fishing community for people looking for a new alternative to conventional polystyrene and high-density foam floats. Easy-Floats are safe, function extremely well and help protect our waterways. I want people to have fun with friends and family fishing in the great outdoors, and help keep our waterways healthy”.

Rebel Ventures Aussie Fisherman and Inventor of Easy-Floats, George Pieri.

George Pieri has been fishing professionally and recreationally since he was a kid, and he loves crab fishing. He’s always been a bit of a Rebel, and has a flair for creating and building things. George makes Easy-Floats in Australia, a user-friendly and eco-friendly float for crab fisherman. George’s view is that people are tired of using small round expensive floats (historically made for net fishing), which are hard to see, identify and attach to. The Easy-Floats are specifically designed for crab fishing.

George has always been into making his own fishing gear and building products, from tackle boxes to squid jigs. He invented the Catch ‘n’ Carry tackle box in 1991 which is still being sold today. In 1993 George created product lines for the textile industry during the off-season and developed a stringing manufacturing and supply business specialising in bead thread, tiger tail and craft line. George supplies the Australian and New Zealand markets with a range of product lines. Kaygee Products is now part of his Rebel Ventures Brand.

Rebel Ventures designs a range of floats and specialist products for fishing and the great outdoors and proudly manufactures in Australia.

Dive Flag:

Dive Flags
As a keen Western Australian diver and snorkeler alarmed at the amount of incidents occurring whilst people a trying to enjoy this great activity has designed and developed a revolutionary dive flag and float made in Australia and available to the public at an affordable price.
George Pieri who lives and works just south of Fremantle has spent most of his life in the fishing industry including diving for crustaceans and general snorkeling.
He is fed up with the close shaves of enthusiasts and the abuse from boat crews venturing into and fishing the same stretches of our waterways. He became determined to make this leisure activity safer and more enjoyable for everyone.
Easy float dive flagUsing the current EASY FLOATS and through creative design and innovation he has developed the new SNORKEL SAFE complete dive flag float.
The SNORKLE SAFE is visible at more than 200m, it’s robust and designed to right itself easily in the water through it simplicity and practicality.
It’s constructed with quality components which are all recyclable. The big breakthrough is the Float with its innovative design and materials used.
It is constructed in a (registered) cylindrical shape lightweight polyethylene that floats horizontally on the water surface reducing drag.
An aluminium pipe is securely positioned through the midsection. 2 slotted washers above and below the float secure the flagpole in place with a 316 stainless steel clip.
This arrangement also allows the flagpole to swivel which resists flag wrap. A solid lead keel weight is then hung on the stainless steel clip.
There are two orange HI VISIBILITY strips at each end of the float enhancing its overall visibility.
Mr Pieri runs Rebel Ventures which already produces the increasingly popular EASY FLOATS which are designed for crab drop netting and as general pot locators with extra visibility. 3 sizes and available in boxes of 10.
He has rigorously tested the SNORKEL SAFE in Cockburn sound in most conditions and says that it ticks all the boxes. Important to note that it also complies with legal limits and requirements.
It enables boats that venture into the same area the ability to easily identify that a diver/ snorkeler is present and divers with family/friends on the beach know where they are.